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To do board September 5, 2011

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My sister in law is a genius.


Groggy froggy

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Now on MightyNest ~ Eco-Challenged Mom’s Wish List for Beginners February 1, 2010

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As a green/non-toxic newbie, I know it can be totally overwhelming to find and buy “safe and responsible” products. During my time blogging as the Eco-challenged Mom over on MightyNest’s BabySteps blog, I have the chance to try out a ton of new products and in the process found more than a few winners. Check out my new post on MightyNest which lists my 5 fave products for beginners. Some of this stuff is so cute that it was easy to ditch the old stuff and bring in the new!


The cutest of them all January 14, 2010

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Testing out publishing using iPhone app. Here’s my little man Sammy who is currently asleep on my chest. Does he have to grow up?


Stamp Champ November 21, 2009

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I live for sending out personalized holiday cards, invitations, thank you cards, bday cards…you name it. I spend ALOT of time thinking about what photo to use, what design, who gets which one. ALOT of thought.

And every time, what do people comment on?

The gorgeous card? No.

My stunning two little boys? Try again.

The return address stamp? Bingo.

I have received tons of compliments and emails asking me where to find  these so thought I’d share with you guys here. It’s from a site called Three Desiging Women. I actually received it as a house warming gift from my best friend….a stroke of genius. Totally unique, unexpected and useful.

Pair one of these stamps with some of their very cute blank inSTAMPable cards and you’ve got yourself a great little wedding or housewarming gift.

Three Designing Women stamps are available at many high-end stationery stores or via online retailers like the very worthwhile Paper and Polkadots. $38


I’m having flashbacks. The good kind. February 28, 2009

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I’ll admit it. I’ve been extremely hesitant to get the boys wooden toys. Sure they’re safe, but could they possibly be fun??

Then I saw this little ducky from imagiPlay and it hit me – I OWNED a duck just like this when I was little! I can see it now – sitting on the pink shag carpet of my (pre-Michael Jackson/The Ricker) Holly Hobby bedroom. It was held together by duct tape because I played with it so much the wheels were falling off.

Hmmm – I guess maybe wooden toys ARE fun afterall! Help me…..I need suggestions. Which wooden toys do your kids love??


RIP Babystyle…I miss you already! February 15, 2009

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Struck by how many of my favorite stores and sites have closed because of the recession. I took for granted they would always be there and now I have gifts to buy and….very very sad.