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Because one can never have too many bags! December 4, 2009

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It’s that time of year again – SHOPPING TIME! This year, I’m going to do my best to avoid all those plastic store bags by bringing along some of the cute tote bags I’ve been collecting this year. Here are a few of my favorites…



This tote from organic fabric maker ModGreenPod is the polar opposite of those boxy grocery store bags. Stylish, durable and 100% organic, this bag is perfect for a trip to the mall. Comes in a bunch of different patterns in red, gold, chocolate brown and blue.  Available at MightyNest – $24.99




I use this one all the time for trips to the post office, the gym or as an easy diaper bag. Big enough to carry alot but small enough to throw in my purse. 100% organic and water based inks.  Available at MightyNest – $16.99


giraffe featured this on in their $30 under 30 holiday gift ideas and I can see why … cute AND very functional. This reusable Market Pack contains five Fold-Up Market Totes in a stylish carrying case. They come in colorful prints like ocean damask, kelly green circles, a raspberry box pattern and two different giraffe designs. Available at – $28 (for 6 bags)

Ok – off to the mall with bags in hand. Enjoy. 🙂


Thanks to Momgenda, the sun might actually come out tomorrow! November 11, 2009

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familypad2007_lAfter becoming a mom, my new mantra has become “One day at a time.” And I mean it. There are so many things happening in a day that my brain literally cannot process tomorrow until about 8pm  the night before.

And I’m one of the lucky ones – Grandma, Grandpa and Great-Grandma live 2 miles away and take care of the boys every day while we work! It’s fabulous but with 2 toddlers, 3 sr citizens (sorry mom and dad – just going by the legal definition), 1 diabetic, 1 16-year old cat and an insanely crazy dog who eats EVERYTHING IN SITE – just managing dr appointments is ridiculous!

These Momgenda Weekly Family Planner Sheets have done wonders for us. It is a pad of tear-off sheets with spaces for mom and up to four children – or in our case grown-ups, pets, whatever. The design is simple,  clean and there’s even a magnet on the back so you can hang on the fridge.

My mom and I use it at the beginning of every week to include dr. appts, playdates, music classes, work dinners, business travel, blogging events, birthdays, holidays, family dinners….whatever.  Love it.

If you share childcare with a family member, babysitter, nanny or even your husband (hahaha) – do your brain a favor and pick up one of these pads.

You can find the Momgenda Family Planner sheets in many high-end  stationery stores  in the US or on the Momgenda Web site. $16.95


Tag – You’re it! August 8, 2009

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mabelsA few weeks ago, when I spotted the cutest dog tag on some little guy’s diaper bag,  I did what any self-respecting mid-30’s woman and mother of two does when she doesn’t want to forget something – I wrote the name of the company on my hand.

Turns out Mabel’s Labels makes all sorts of labels for “the stuff kid’s lose” like clothes, shoes, backpacks and even themselves!

They also cater to the adult organizing freaks (myself included) with their packages of pre-printed labels to help control your cords, spice rack, plastic storage tubscraft stuff and even your curbside garbage cans! Now THAT is organized!  curbsides

But at the end of the day I’m still a sucker for the dog tags, with their cute fonts and personalized little motif critters. Just attached a little train tag to Jack’s new little  pre-school backpack and I’ve never been happier!

p.s. Great for gift-giving too! Just attach one to the top of your gift and throw the rest inside the package.


Etsy love – Sarah & Abraham March 8, 2009

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sarahabrahamprint1A couple of months ago I stumbled on these 8×10 prints while searching for a baby gift on Etsy. OF COURSE, as is usually the case, instead of buying a gift I ended up buying one for our nursery. (I seriously have a problem)

The good news is the print showed up and it’s perfect. The better news is it was only $18!!!

And little Sarah and Abraham have way more up their sleeves than just prints. In my package, they included this sweet postcard as a thank you. Of course, I ordered a set. Such a sucker!



See Jane Spend My Paycheck

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eco-cal-see-jane-work-close2Word of advice – don’t visit See Jane Work unless you’re ready to spend a little. There’s a ton of stuff on the site that’s just too cute to pass up.

Right now I’m dying for this Eco-Chic Desk Calendar from SF artist Cat Seto. Love the clean design, the little bird image and the unique wooden stand. Even better, it’s made of 100% recycled paper and get this….apparently if you send the used pages back to the artist at the end of the year she will recycle and send you a coupon for refill pages! Genius.

Ordering now…will let you know.


Sweet! January 18, 2009

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I’m seriously tired just looking at the cards on Sweet Paperfection.  These adorable cards are meticulously crafted by working mom Sabrina Crider. I’ve been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a few of these and the quality is every bit as good as they look on the site and totally worth it!

How cute is this Thing 1/Thing 2 card? That’s what I’m talking about…..