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About The Pursuit of Cute January 20, 2009

Thanks for visiting the Pursuit of Cute! I’m Dina…busy mom of two little boys, Jack (3) and Sammy (2), and independent PR consultant for leading parenting Web site, BabyCenter.

Whenever I have any downtime,  I love digging around to find unique stuff online. Notecards, t-shirts, cookies, baby toys, art, pet collars, office supplies, crafts. There’s so much cute stuff everywhere these days that has to be found…Help me find it!

If you’d like to contact me directly,  e-mail me at dinadingo at


3 Responses to “About The Pursuit of Cute”

  1. Just discovered your blog through twitter. My baby is just 2 weeks today, and I’ve spent, like you said, oh, 7 months pursuing cute art for my baby boy’s walls. (Ended up with an awesome orange/blue Neil Young/Lucinda Williams concert poster, framed beautifully under plexiglass by Labriola Framing here in Stamford.) I’m very excited to start following your blog!

  2. dinadingo Says:

    Welcome – to the blog and to mommyhood. Congrats! Your poster sounds awesome by the way…..I’m going to find that right now. Thanks for following!

  3. Adi Feen Says:

    These are the cutest boys tees I’ve seen in a very long time!!!

    I LOVE them!!!

    PLEASE check them out-I hope you love them as much as I do.

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