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Stamp Champ November 21, 2009

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I live for sending out personalized holiday cards, invitations, thank you cards, bday cards…you name it. I spend ALOT of time thinking about what photo to use, what design, who gets which one. ALOT of thought.

And every time, what do people comment on?

The gorgeous card? No.

My stunning two little boys? Try again.

The return address stamp? Bingo.

I have received tons of compliments and emails asking me where to find  these so thought I’d share with you guys here. It’s from a site called Three Desiging Women. I actually received it as a house warming gift from my best friend….a stroke of genius. Totally unique, unexpected and useful.

Pair one of these stamps with some of their very cute blank inSTAMPable cards and you’ve got yourself a great little wedding or housewarming gift.

Three Designing Women stamps are available at many high-end stationery stores or via online retailers like the very worthwhile Paper and Polkadots. $38


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