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Stamp Champ November 21, 2009

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I live for sending out personalized holiday cards, invitations, thank you cards, bday cards…you name it. I spend ALOT of time thinking about what photo to use, what design, who gets which one. ALOT of thought.

And every time, what do people comment on?

The gorgeous card? No.

My stunning two little boys? Try again.

The return address stamp? Bingo.

I have received tons of compliments and emails asking me where to find  these so thought I’d share with you guys here. It’s from a site called Three Desiging Women. I actually received it as a house warming gift from my best friend….a stroke of genius. Totally unique, unexpected and useful.

Pair one of these stamps with some of their very cute blank inSTAMPable cards and you’ve got yourself a great little wedding or housewarming gift.

Three Designing Women stamps are available at many high-end stationery stores or via online retailers like the very worthwhile Paper and Polkadots. $38


Thanks to Momgenda, the sun might actually come out tomorrow! November 11, 2009

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familypad2007_lAfter becoming a mom, my new mantra has become “One day at a time.” And I mean it. There are so many things happening in a day that my brain literally cannot process tomorrow until about 8pm  the night before.

And I’m one of the lucky ones – Grandma, Grandpa and Great-Grandma live 2 miles away and take care of the boys every day while we work! It’s fabulous but with 2 toddlers, 3 sr citizens (sorry mom and dad – just going by the legal definition), 1 diabetic, 1 16-year old cat and an insanely crazy dog who eats EVERYTHING IN SITE – just managing dr appointments is ridiculous!

These Momgenda Weekly Family Planner Sheets have done wonders for us. It is a pad of tear-off sheets with spaces for mom and up to four children – or in our case grown-ups, pets, whatever. The design is simple,  clean and there’s even a magnet on the back so you can hang on the fridge.

My mom and I use it at the beginning of every week to include dr. appts, playdates, music classes, work dinners, business travel, blogging events, birthdays, holidays, family dinners….whatever.  Love it.

If you share childcare with a family member, babysitter, nanny or even your husband (hahaha) – do your brain a favor and pick up one of these pads.

You can find the Momgenda Family Planner sheets in many high-end  stationery stores  in the US or on the Momgenda Web site. $16.95


Love Starbucks? Grow your own Barista. November 7, 2009

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hween jack at star tarI’m completely 100% totally addicted to Starbucks. And I’m not just saying that to be cute. I need a venti-two-pump-whole-milk-extra-hot-no-whip-mocha  every single day – sometimes twice  – or I just can’t survive.

Starbucks was the first place my boys ever visited in the real world – both within the first week of life. My oldest, the little barista shown here, is now 2 and I kid you not, the first thing he says every morning is “Mama…we go to Starbucks?” One day in the drive-thru he actually recited my drink (mind you, most adults can’t even do that) and now, he insists on having his own “coffee” (h20) at every visit.

So it’s only fitting that my little man wanted to be a barista for Halloween. I found an adult apron on ebay and gave it to grandma who cut it off, hemmed it and even made mini-pockets to match the big apron. (thank god for grandma) It was absolutely adorable!

starbucks apron

Of course, today while poking around the Starbucks site, I found an online store and what do they sell??


Duh. Maybe next time I should check the site – huh? I’m definitely not telling grandma.

Oh well, at least you and your little ones can now play along!

The Starbucks kid apron can be found at $12.99


Ziploc who? November 6, 2009

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These cute little “dittys” are 100% organic cotton reusable sandwich and snack bags from a company called EcoDitty.

I use these things all the time to carry Cheerios, trail mix, my trusty PB&J and even pacifiers. They come in many different fabrics, are eco-friendly (no more ziplocs!) AND  completely non-toxic for those  little ones with PVC allergies.

The only downside is there is no way I’m putting these adorable little bags in any lunch I give to my boys when they’re older. For starters, I’d never see my eco-dittys again. Second, there’s no way they’ll ever appreciate just how darn cute they are. And third, I’m pretty sure they’d rather starve then whip this girly thing out at the lunch table. Even if it is filled with Oreos!

BUT WAIT – that gives me a great idea! They should make these with superheroes, monster trucks, Dora or little princesses on them for the munchkins.  How great would that be? 

I’m on it. Writing them right now!  

Eco-ditty sandwich and snack bags can be found at  $8.99 – $12.99


My what a MightyNest you have! November 5, 2009

MN_logo_72_RGB_medOk, so I don’t run the most eco-friendly and non-toxic house in town. But I will say one thing…the new site makes me want to build a better nest! 

MightyNest is a  site where parents can go to read up on all those fun chemicals they keep finding in our baby products like BPA, Lead and phthalates and buy non-toxic, safe and eco-friendly (not to mention cute and fun) products right there on the same site.

No more running around to 40 different stores to find what you want…it’s all right there. Toys, baby bottles, dishware, mattresses, clothing, lunch sacks, water bottles, lotions, lip balm ….you name it!

Of course I’ll be highlighting many of them right here very soon!

Full disclosure:  I blog for MightyNest as their @ecochallenged mom BUT even if I didn’t, I would still love MightyNest…seriously.