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Gone bananas! March 7, 2009

Filed under: baby stuff — dinadingo @ 5:14 am

big-monkey-blankeyAs the mom of two boys, I used to think I was getting a raw deal because girl stuff was so much cuter. That was before Mr. Funky.

Mr. Funky (or just Funky as we call him) is a blankey made by Baby Leo Designs. To say he’s soft and durable is an understatement. This blankey is made of decadent fabric that will stand the test of time – and anything else my little monsters can throw at it.

But the real genius comes in the hilarious monkey faces – PERFECT distraction technique for our weekly Target tantrum.

Funky has done the impossible. He has made me completely forget about tutus and princess crap.

We don’t go anywhere without Funky. I don’t think you should either.


2 Responses to “Gone bananas!”

  1. Nissa Says:

    I’ve bought this for many mommies and they all RAVE about it!!

  2. […] can never go wrong with a sock monkey… etsy seller: FriedOkra – […]

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