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Gotta have my peas March 6, 2009

Filed under: baby stuff — dinadingo @ 3:48 am

flyingpeas.comThere are A TON of great sites out there selling baby stuff but my favorite has to be FlyingPeas. This site was started by Terra Carmichael, a SUPERMOM of 3 with an eye for hip stuff for the little ones.

The selection and service are really hard to beat.You can find everything here from cadet caps to adorable shawls to classy necklaces for mom. My personal favorite has to be the construction spoon and fork – genius gift for those picky little guys!

If that’s not enough, she packages up each gift in an adorable gift bag with a note and a lollipop. I promise, go with Flying Peas and you’ll have the cutest gift at the baby shower.


One Response to “Gotta have my peas”

  1. Nissa Says: is by far the best place I’ve found for hip and cool baby gear!!! She has everything!! I recommend the “Someday I’ll be trashed at prom” outfit. Always a crowd-pleaser!!

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