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I heart BabySoy…alot February 17, 2009

Filed under: baby stuff,green stuff — dinadingo @ 8:54 pm
I love everything about Babysoy. The rich chocolates and soft blues and pinks, the mix-n-match pieces and, of course, the really really soft cotton.
BabySoy basics are must-haves but when I was digging on their site I noticed these cute graphic t-shirts! Who knew? Sadly, they all look pretty girly so I can’t buy them for the boys but since everyone and their mom is having a girl right now, I’m dogearing this page for gift ideas.
Did you know? Babysoy is the 1st company in the world to create baby’s newborn wardrobe using soybean protein fiber – otherwise known as leftover pulp from tofu, soymilk and other soy products. All that and they’re adorable!
p.s I love everything BUT their URL which has a pesky USA at the end making it hard to remember. Whoever owns the fake page at should give it up already!

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